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How do I know if I need this chapter?

If you've said at least two or more of the following you need this - "Your Metaphysical Body Language"!

  • Why are my hands and arms so painful?
  • I have never had sore hips before - what's going on?
  • I can't believe it - I've kicked my toe so often lately!
  • Oh my gosh, my lower back is so painful I can barely walk!
  • I hope there is nothing serious wrong with my breasts!
  • Irritable bowel is so limiting, I wish there was something I could do to help it!
  • My eyes are driving me nuts!
  • I always seem to have a sore neck. Would be great to wake up without a stiff neck for once!
  • I'd love it if my spine was more flexible?

Your Metaphysical Body Language helps WITH all of this.

And ... its FREE.

Your Metaphysical Body Language

How to get the most out of this chapter.

Step 1: Read/Listen

Read or listen to the chapter completely so you understand the principles of your metaphysical body language.

Step 2: Do Exercises

Complete the exercise for each body part in the chapter so you experience the shifts you can bring about yourself.

Step 3: Practice Daily

Choose 1 or more exercise (10 in total) to practice each day so your body will naturally recalibrate back to health.

What People Are Saying ...

"Dear Julie, I got your book tonight. THANK YOU! It is amazing - congratulations. It is velvety smooth to read. "


"Loving it so far ... how you have written it has so resonated with me ... and so much more. "


"Dear Julie... I want to take the day off to continue to read your book! It's fabulous. Thank you so much. "


"Dearest Julie.....illuminated soul.....your book will become dog-eared and battered for all the right reasons....revered, shared, thumbed, travelled as it passes through my world into others'. "


"Your book so far is totally amaZZing Julie... I'm LOVING it!"


Here's What You'll Learn:

The AreekeerA® Metaphysical Body Language is a simple and easy to comprehend concept of how your body communicates with you.

An explanation of Your Metaphysical Body Language for each of your body parts together with an exercise to help reset any problems.

Exercise #8: How to receive - helps the hands and arms

Exercise #9: How to release pain - help your hips, legs, knees, ankles, toes

Exercise #10Pay me first - helps lower back

Exercise #11: Retreat day - helps breasts

Exercise #12: Bowel healing elixir - helps bowel

Exercise #13: Magnify hearing - helps the ears

Exercise #14: Eye balm - helps the eyes

Exercise #15: Oil pulling - helps the teeth

Exercise #16: Release neck tension - helps the neck

Exercise #17: Spine stress release - helps the spine



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